About Us

Three Springs MRI is excited to open its’ doors to the Four Corners in February of 2017. Our MRI is conveniently located on campus at Mercy Regional Medical Center, which helps us to provide safe and convenient services for our patients. Our staff consists of highly trained MRI Technologists who are dedicated to quality patient care and ensuring the best experience possible. Three Springs MRI works with board certified Radiologists who work hand-in-hand with your physician to get you fast, accurate results.

Our Services

At Three Springs MRI we are committed to providing service excellence through the use of today’s technological advancements. Three Springs MRI offers the only high-field wide bore MRI unit in Southwest Colorado. The wide bore MRI provides a little extra security to patients that may be claustrophobic.
Three Springs MRI is also proud to be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Accreditation through the ACR means that our facility has met the ACR practice standards for providing quality images for every exam that we perform. This means that you will receive the best opportunity at receiving the most accurate diagnosis following your non-contrasted MRI exam.

Three Springs Imaging believes in being transparent in its pricing

Our goal is to provide meaningful and reliable information to help you understand prices in advance of your procedure. We have put together the imaging procedure cost for self-pay individuals which are the most competitive in the Four Corners region.

The pricing information provided on this website is intended to give self-pay patients, who have scheduled services, an estimate of the prices and expected payment amounts for MRI procedures at Three Springs Imaging. These costs include radiologist interpretation as we do global billing. No extra fees.


Description Self-Pay Cost CPT Description Self-Pay Cost


Pelvis Scan     $1,123.80 73721 Joint Lower Extremity     $769.50


Chest Scan     $1,122.66 73221 Joint Upper Extremity



Abdomen Scan     $1,123.80 70551 Brain Scan



Upper Extremity Scan     $1,105.40 72141 Spine/Cervical Scan



Lower Extremity Scan     $1,105.40 72146 Spine/Thoracic Scan


70540 Face/Neck Scan     $1,104.26 72148 Spine/Lumbar Scan


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